AE Foundry Education Mentorship


Simple, Affordable, and it works!

With a combined 27+ years of 3d and digital art behind them, our Mentors have honed their course curriculum to get you on your feet when it comes to breaking into the entertainment industry. Be it games, animation, architecture, or even 3d printing we have you covered.

And Unlike for profit colleges today we want to make it easy and affordable to make sure you get the education you need at a price that you can afford. Keeping the future possibilities endless!

Courses we offer:

Digital Sculpting


3D Modeling

Seeing the many possibilities that digital sculpting brings we would love to teach others how it all works and what programs are best to use for sculpting. Our main Software that will be taught is Zbrush but for those of you who may not be able to afford the software we will be creating courses and tutorials on how to digital sculpt inside of Blender as well.

Outside from Blender’s Sculpting abilities. This Free and open source software is an extremely powerful tool for creatives with the ability to do VFX, 2d/3d animation, and 3d modeling. Our courses will give you a strong foundation in modeling, lighting & shading and much much more!


Game Development

3d Printing

Ever want to make a game or wonder how they are built? Well we will show you! We are planning on making great courses for any creative who has an interactive story to tell through games. We will be teaching these courses in the open source game engine Godot.

With desktop 3d printing becoming more and more accessible. It will allow for more creatives to begin their own line of physical products. We are excited to share our knowledge of 3d printing with the world, and can’t wait to see what others can come up with by utilize this technology in fun and unique ways!




Digital Photography

Ever wonder how your favorite items or houses are prototype digitally before they are ever made? These course will help take the basic skills you learn from 3d modeling and guide you into lighting and rendering out photo realistic digital renders of your products or architecture that you want to produce.

In our philosophy that all art is connected, we believe Photography is an important skill and art form to know and understand. Photography helps with composition, understanding lighting, and having an eye for storytelling. It also has business benefits, we are a society that bases everything on visuals and as an indie creator/entrepreneur we should all know how to brand ourselves on those visuals. That is why we think this art form should be included in our courses, on this website and as creatives.

Who is it for?

Our mentorship program is for any beginners or hobbyist that have always dreamed to break into the entertainment industry and do not know where to start. We help guide you through your journey to understand the ins and outs of making art your profession.

We are also here for those who may have a good fine arts or traditional background and would like to push your self further by learning the tools of the trade and to take the skills you learned with paper, clay and paints by apply them to the digital space.

Disclaimer: we are not a program that offers degrees or certificates. Based on the methods of entry into the industry, you do not need a degree to have a successful career as an digital artist. Your art and personality speaks more then a piece of paper does.



Adler Romero

- Digital Sculpting

- Character Art

- 3d printing

- Photography

- Brand Development


Nathan Lewis

- 3d modeling

- lighting & Shading

- Architectural Visualization

- Product Visualization

- 3d Motion Graphics



Adler eat, sleeps and breathes to create. With over 7 years of professional industry experience and 4+ years of professional Education experience. Adler has come to analyze every project or class he teaches in a creative manner. Making it fun and engaging for his clients and students alike.



Nathan is an amazing 3d artist, extremely versatile and knowledgeable in Environment/Prop modeling, Architecture and Product visualization, 3d motion graphics and more!

Nathan has always had a passion for anything 3d since he was a kid, with over 20 years of honing his craft as a digital artist he is one of our best and brightest mentors and team members.

Testimonies & Student Work

I had Adler as my instructor for a digital sculpting and 3d printing class. Not only did I learn the tools and skills to create print-ready models, but I also learned great techniques to really make a digital sculpt stand out, both pre- and post-render. Adler answered all of my questions and was always there to give constructive feedback on my projects. He shared knowledge, tips, and tricks about the industry and how to use our skills to be a successful artist, and I will take those skills into the field.
— Jessica Winters
Through his workshops, Adler has shown that he is an exceptional and knowledgeable teacher. He has kept himself proficient and up-to-date with modern techniques, especially when it comes to ZBrush and 3D Printing. Adler is not only a great teacher through his knowledge and skill, but also through the motivation he encourages in his students. In just a few weeks working with him, I feel a lot more confident about my direction and am eager to learn more and continue improving myself.
— Maddie Copp
when I started to learn the basics of 3D modeling and digital sculpting. I was hungry for more knowledge and didn’t feel that that I was learning or getting enough information at school to progress as a 3D artist. That was until I met Adler who’s passion to teach fed my hunger to learn and to grow as an artist. He is a great mentor and friend, who has guided me to the artist I am today.
— jonathan almanza





3 Months

$300 per/month


1 year

$200 per/month

Mentorship Details

  • One on One calls with mentor - 4x 2hour weekly calls

  • Weekly Feedback & Critiques

  • custom tailored for each student

  • industry standard concepts & workflows

  • For beginners Or artist who want to get into the digital arts

  • Career development

    • web presences

    • portfolio creation

    • resume & cover letter reviews

    • networking plans