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New Beginnings by Adler Romero

After much thought and care, my family and I have decided to start a new. Currently I am still working full time at the LA film school in Los Angeles, California. Soon though we will be living for the first time in our lives outside of our home state and moving to Arizona.

Now with big changes like this comes new opportunities, new locations and new adventures. At first I was scared to think about leaving my stable life that I have been living for almost the past year, but slowly and surely I am warming up and even becoming excited about the adventures ahead.

One of which is building this website and starting another start up. Over my career I have now been apart of started 3 start ups that I was a founding member of teaching me valuable lessons along the way. This time I now know what I want out of my career and out of life.


we are in different times from what my parents and their parents before them had gotten used to when it comes to success.

In their mind it was get a career (stable 9-5 job), get married (usually high school sweet heart), buy a house (30 year mortgage) and have kids. and at the end of it all, you would be over worked, in debt and way to tired to even spend time with your family.

Today it is even harder to imagine coming close to having any of that especially in California.

And that is why we are making this move and redefining what success means to us. Yes I will be married, yes I do have kids. but the difference is I don’t want a house or a job that is going to make me not have time for them or let us enjoy life to the fullest.

That is why I am starting this entrepreneurial journey again. I know now more then ever I need to be with my family and I need to be my own boss, I need to try and change how the entertainment industry works even if it is a small change.

Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed, to be vigilant in gaining knowledge, and last but not least to love and empower each other.

So with this first blog post I introduce the “AE FOUNDRY”. If you have any questions about what we do or any collaborative ideas, please drop us a line on our contact page and we will be happy to answer your questions.

- Adler