The AE Foundry is place where artist can thrive together. Our founder Adler Romero wanted a place where he and other artist could collaborate, share their knowledge, and share their art.

In his professional career he has always been told to keep his artistic ventures separate, but his philosophy as an artist is that all art is tied together. By polishing one medium another will get stronger.

Hence the name AE Foundry, a place where artist can forge a path in art that they want to create. Sharpening their talents as well as sharpening one another in the process.

Photo by Adler Romero

Photo by Adler Romero

And since our philosophy is that all art is tied together, it allows us to be unique in offering of services. So what ever you need we can do, and if we can not, we promise to help connect you with someone who can. As our main goal is to connect creatives together and empower each other.


  • Digital Sculpting for Manufacturing

    (Collectibles & Table Top Minis)

  • Game Art & Development

    (Digital games & Board games)

  • Transmedia Education

    (Sculpting, Games, Photo, & Branding)


Professionally we have used proprietary software such as Adobe Creative Suite, 3ds Max, Zbrush and much more. Since our goal at AE Foundry is to empower creatives and clients alike, we have come to the decision of using a majority of Open Source Software to complete our creative endeavors. The only proprietary softwares we will be using is Zbrush and Marmoset Tool Bag.



Open Source

Open Source has become vastly more powerful for creatives in recent years. Making the point of entry into this field one driven by choice and no longer one based on income. With open source it will allow us to reach as many creatives as possible. From teaching beginner artist the tools and ways of the trade, to easily collaborating with professionals on high end projects, because of Open Source the sky is the limit.